Far As The Curse Is Found

The recesses of our own souls are far, far away
And deep, so deep we could fall our whole lives and not reach bottom
So before I look out
For weakness
I must look in
I must face my own far and wide
When I do, hope will be found somehow
In knowing my own overcoming
And believing the same for others
Because the curse is found far and near
Shallow and deep
And God is there, too
All the beauty of the whole universe
Beside my weakness
Wrapped up with the curse
Hugging it out

Lake Hancock

The bronze buck glows in the dim light of the sun-fueled lamp 

As generations of Hearings and their wed-welcomed family smile silently from portraits pinned to the wall 
Here is a warm haven on cold nights on the cusp of winter 
Where wood fires cook hearty meals and hearts glow along with the bronze buck 

Walk the hill as the creek tumbles through old, second, and third growth 
Boulders and brush and on to where it jumped the bed before the lake and tore a new path 
Nature does what it will until machines carve deeper journeys into the scarred earth 

Stand at the lake’s edge where the air tastes like the cool depths 
Fish fail to fly but break the surface enough to grab their next meal and swim on 
The reflection of the ledge beyond reveals the sinking sun and the chill settles in 
Into each crevice and branch, into your bones and breath 

Head back inside to the silent smiles 
The wood fired feast 
The bronze buck 
With your heart full of nature-love and Hearing hospitality