My Favorite/Least Favorite Season of the Two

Today marks the commencement of my annual love-hate relationship with Fall/Winter/Spring in the greater Seattle area. I do not mean that as Fall and Winter and Spring; I would have typed it as such originally. I am referring to the longest of the two seasons we experience here, marked by grey skies, drizzle, and not-quite-freezing temperatures.

The first rain of October always brings me great delight. I romantically imagine reading and drinking tea, wrapped in a thick blanket; running down rain-slicked sidewalks; watching the leaves change and fall (this is what I am doing today, but it is tainted by my awareness of what follows). Through October and most of November, these feelings continue to protect me against the damp cold that not only wants to seep into my apartment but also into my brain. December comes and the anticipation of snow pulls me through. Any morning when the light coming in my window seems a bit brighter or I notice the unnatural silence that only occurs when commuters are trapped at home, I get a shot of adrenaline and clumsily open the blinds. Most often, my hopes are dashed (though this year, I am informed the Snow Apocalypse is impending in our area, and I am already excited to the point of hyperventilating!). December generally disappoints, and by January I can feel SAD setting in. I still have the hope of snow, however, and it is not until February – with its ridiculous need to set a record for most consecutive days of rain – that I succumb to complaining often about the weather in Seattle. Weather I really did love in October (where have those feelings gone?). March, April, and May are all saucy minxes, teasing me with bright, sun-shiny days sometimes warm enough for shorts before they return to endless weeks of darkness. June, depending on the year, is not much better.

Awareness is the first step in overcoming a vicious cycle of doom. This year, with the help of massive amounts of snow, I will take measures to love Fall/Winter/Spring all the way through its endless crawl to Summer. (I have no idea what those measures will be, but I am sure they will involve photo documentation.)

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